The Katz Audio ABCs Initiative

Performance Metrics for Audio Advertisers

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The Katz Audio ABC's Initiative

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  • Attribution Studies
  • Brand Awareness Studies
  • Creative Studies

About The Katz Audio ABCs Initiative

As America's authority on results-driven radio, Katz Radio Group believes that advertisers are most effective when they have a complete understanding of their audio investments and how they work. Attribution, Brand Value and Creative Effectiveness are the ABC's of evaluating any audio campaign's success.

To answer this growing need, Katz Radio Group is offering the Audio ABC's initiative, a program to provide business performance metrics for qualifying* new audio clients. At no additional cost to the advertiser, Katz will design and implement an analytical study that measures audio's ability to meet custom marketing objectives that YOU define. The initiative is designed to provide comprehensive clarity, focus and depth to audio campaign measurement for marketers who are new or expanding their presence in the audio landscape in 2023.